Why The Millennials vs Gen Z War Is Unhealthy For Planet Earth

The Millennials and the Gen Z aren’t agreeing on anything anymore — be it politics, pop culture, protests, emojis. And they are not agreeing to disagree either: It’s a War.

Millennials or Generation Y are the ones born between 1981 to 1996. The ones born after that, and before the early-mid-2000s are the Gen Z generation. Most millennials are out of school, settled with their life choices and even having kids. Gen Z, on the other hand, are the adolescents, teenagers and people miserable in their early twenties, who have just decided nothing that the generation before them did is cool or even correct anymore. Nay nay. 

What’s With The Whole Gen Z vs Millennial War?

If you are above 25, you are not cool anymore

This might be hard on millennials who think they’re still up there with trends and social media. But, it’s not true. Buzzfeed quizzes are dumb and drinking wine is not a personality. And if at some point in life, you have defined your personality by your Harry Potter house, I am sorry. Your side part is ancient as well, we’ve forgotten it. 

The millennials’ tears of laughter is out as well. Now that Gen Z has decided to replace it with tears streaming through the face. If that doesn’t make sense, you know which side of the aisle is for you. 

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Millennials started the game. Gen Zers are playing

If you remember, the term ‘Ok Boomer’ was around a few years back. It was started by Generation Y to roast and drag the generation before them. The trend saw mockery of attributes that are typically associated with white men or women. 

So, millennials were the ones who handed the armoury to the coming generation but didn’t expect them to be the aim of the attack. But the millenials are a little done and decided to hit back. 

Millenials are defending their forte and trying to show that they were here first. 

Infographic: Gen Z More Familiar with Non-Binary Pronouns | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

The Deeper Analysis

The difference between the two generations marks a culture change that is here to stay forever. The younger generation has shown to have less trust on companies which will affect how companies design their campaigns for the next 30 years when Gen Z will become working, earning individuals. They expect whole lotta more innovation from the companies and less likely to be swayed by targeted campaigns like the generation before them did. 

The millennials saw 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis and the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Till the time, the zoomers came of age, this was all in textbooks and a black president was a normal thing for them. While the Generation X faced the effects of recession, which defined their life choices, Generation Z are getting hit by the pandemic and its consequences.  

The Rift of Change

The rift is not just a cultural one but extends well into politics. The Z generation completely rejects Harry Potter, even though some of the older Gen Zs grew up reading the novels. The reason being the series’ racist undertones and the author’s transphobia. The generation which stepped into adulthood in the wake of me too movement is much more interested in action and accountability than idealism. 

The first of Gen Zers that turned 18 were part of the election which brought Donald Trump into power. Hence, they experienced the turbulence of Trump’s regime first hand. The generation also grew up imbibing the fear of climate change and global warming from a very young age. So, they have the undeterred commitment to acts like thrifting and recycling. They are holding companies and governments responsible for the climate crisis.

The millennials did good with being politically aware and diverse. But the next generation is here to take it forward. Research says that the post millennials will be most diverse and educated generation. But both generations do unite against a lot of issues, which is prudent to bring a change in the world. 

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