Which roads have Insulate Britain blocked and why are they causing chaos?

INSULATE Britain continued to cause chaos on the roads – blocking three major London routes.

On Monday 4 October, the climate activist group brazenly defied another injunction meant to stop them from causing disruption.


Insulate Britain protesters are seen blocking the Blackwell Tunnel in east LondonCredit: LNP
The protesters caused disruption with their demonstrations on Wandsworth Bridge


The protesters caused disruption with their demonstrations on Wandsworth BridgeCredit: LNP

Which roads are Insulate Britain blocking today?

Insulate Britain have blocked four major London routes today, including Wandsworth Bridge, Hanger Lane, Arnos Grove, and the Blackwall Tunnel.

“We consider protests of this nature unreasonable and are acting as quickly as possible to minimise disruption caused to members of the public using the roads.”

At the Blackwall Tunnel, a group of activists sat down on the northbound A102 causing large queues to build up during rush hour.

In a video posted by LBC, a woman is pleading with the protesters to move – saying that she needs to drive to see her sick mother in hospital.

She can be heard telling the protesters: “I need to go to the hospital. Please move your cars. This isn’t okay! How can you be so selfish?”

Furious motorists and emergency crews could be seen this morning on Wandsworth Bridge dragging Insulate Britain protesters from the road as they attempted to cause disruption.

In a video posted by talkRADIO, one angry protester can be heard shouting: “Get off the f***ing road, you f***ing idiot,” before dragging a demonstrator sitting in the middle of the road.

Where have Insulate Britain blocked off before?

Previously, Insulate Britain have targeted the M25, M4, M1 and Port of Dover.

The group staged protests on the M25 near Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, the M4 near Heathrow Airport and the M1 at Brent Cross, north London.

Protesters have also targeted other motorways, including the M11 near Stansted Airport in Essex and the M3 in Surrey.

On 2 October, the government obtained a fresh injunction banning the group from obstructing traffic and access to motorways and major A roads around London.

Anyone who breaks the injunction faces imprisonment or an unlimited fine, and activists found in contempt of court may also be forced to repay the costs of their case.

The Department for Transport (DfT) said more than 200 Insulate Britain campaigners had been arrested at the protests, the first of which affected Essex, Hertfordshire and Kent on 13 September.

Why are Insulate Britain blocking roads?

Insulate Britain is demanding that the Government insulate the UK’s 29 million homes by 2030 in a bid to reduce climate emissions.

What have Insulate Britain said?

Insulate Britain spokesperson Tracey, a full-time mother from Milton Keynes said: “We’re more scared of what will happen when the climate crisis causes the breakdown of law and order, than we are of injunctions and prison.

“The government is focussing on us rather than what’s coming down the road. They need to face up to reality.”

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