What is subwoofer-You need to know

For every music enthusiast, sound quality is very important. But if you are an average user then you might think what is subwoofer thing is! what is the need for this? But everybody understands this is sound equipment. In this article, we are about to share how a subwoofer works and what is used.

What is subwoofer ?

what is subwoofer

Good sound quality is a mandatory thing. Not only for the good hearing experience but also for your hearing capability in long term. Before people were not that aware of the sound quality of their content sound quality. Every day most of the time we are listening to audible sounds. And subwoofer just makes that better.

What is subwoofer does?

The subwoofer is sound equipment that allows the bass to give it an extra boost. If you need to exaggerate your bass and have a clear sound quality with an extra punch of bass you should know what is subwoofer. 

Now you might be thinking about why this subwoofer is important? If you are an audio enthusiast then you want your bass of the sound box to be better. It always feels better. 

Many music appliances are now coming with fixed subwoofers. Subwoofer culture was started by the car enthusiast first. For those people who loved extra bass, they used to use extra sub on their cars. But now many TVs and sound equipment are coming with subwoofers. The subwoofer can give a clear pleasing sound quality which is the desire of every user. if you have doubt about subwoofer frequency , this article can help you to get ideas.

It will be very hard to make them understand that what a subwoofer can add. In general, soundbars or sound system, there is no physical equipment to make the bass more realistic and punchier. Here comes the subwoofer. It can easily turn the sound and overall bass quality far better.

Use of a subwoofer

The subwoofer has become a sound standard now. Because it produces the best amount of every sound wave and on top of it have the best quality bass. For this part, they have now need to understand what is subwoofer that are taking place in every Hi-Fi soundbars and home theatres. It’s rare to find any home theatre without a subwoofer.

There are two types of subwoofers, one is a Passive subwoofer and another is an active subwoofer. Now, let’s know about them.

Passive subwoofer

To produce any sound, you need an amplifier and a stereo system. When the subwoofer is getting a signal from the amplifier and the connected stereo system to enhance the bass system. Then it’s become a passive kind what is subwoofer.

Active Subwoofer

The active subwoofer is which has it’s an individual sound box, which can be in any shape and have the amplifier and stereo build inside it. Then it’s an active subwoofer. The active subwoofer is called as all in one sound system as well. Modern-day sound systems get the most use of an active subwoofer. And passive subwoofer is for those people who need to enhance and customize their base system.

Subwoofer size

The subwoofer comes in various sizes. The sound quality of a subwoofer indirectly depends on the size and shape of the subwoofer. The bigger the subwoofer box gets the bass quality also gets deeper and more precise. Mostly we see an 8* 15-inch subwoofer box. This is the ideal size for a subwoofer. 

The box of what is subwoofer helps the subwoofer to reduce enclosed noise and vibration as well as cuts the high-frequency responses. A bigger size subwoofer might take a bit more space but we always recommend going with a bigger diameter subwoofer. In price, they do not have that much difference as well as the sound and bass you get out of it is great.

Sound quality

There are three sound levels low, mid, and high. Pretty basic right? But subwoofers get used to boost up the highs. Previously subwoofers handle the lows and mids mean the less frequency sound normally. But with the help of advanced technology and innovation subwoofers are now handle lows and mids better than an added or ordinary sound system.

So, it is easy to say that only a subwoofer can be good enough to give you a pleasing sound quality. And we can see that now. Many TVs are coming with subwoofer sound quality and many car companies are putting good quality subwoofers in their car in stock. 

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Use of a subwoofer

As we have said before subwoofers get used in two different modes. One it gets with other sound equipment like amplifiers and sound box. And another is they get used by an individual. They have their box to produce sound and make the low and mid better.

Usually in the home condition with sound systems there a subwoofer only comes as a bass machine. They come as 2.1 or 5.1 in that format. That means 2 or 5 sound box comes with one subwoofer. 

And the second most use of the subwoofer is in the cars. You will see most of the car enthusiast uses third party subwoofers in their cars. In terms of that active subwoofers get used. These are the top two use of a subwoofer. 

Placement of a subwoofer

In terms of subwoofers, placement is very important. Otherwise, you won’t get the desired sound quality from your subwoofer. Because most of the bass comes from the placement of the hole and reverse of a subwoofer. So, by any chance, if you block that specific area then it more likely would not be able to produce enough trouble and as a result, you get the best bass quality.

And also, in the home theatre system keeping the subwoofer is a challenge. So, you can put the subwoofer along with all the speakers no matter how much you have. By this, you will get the best sound quality directionally. And overall, it will make a great sound quality.


If you once shifted to a subwoofer you won’t ever get back to normal sound systems. The mechanism of a subwoofer is pretty simple and easy. If you are interested then you can check out our other articles about subwoofers where we have reviewed many. And a subwoofer can make a big difference in your sound quality and audio experience far better.