Tyron Woodley provides evidence in response to claims he faked Jake Paul tattoo

Woodley was told in the ring after his fight with Paul, which he lost by split decision, that he would be granted a rematch if he got a tattoo that read ‘I love Jake Paul”

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Jake Paul beats former UFC champion Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley has shown footage of a tattoo artist inking his infamous “I love Jake Paul ” tattoo after fans accused him of faking his bet forfeit.

Woodley and Paul agreed before their boxing match last month that the loser would get a tattoo declaring their love for the winner,.

And Paul sweetened the deal by offering a rematch to the MMA legend if he completed the task.

They even had a world famous tattoo artist Tatu Baby appear at ringside for the event, with Paul insisting that had he lost, he would have been inked on the night.

But Woodley held out on being inked, insisting that he would get it done only when the YouTube star agreed to a rematch with a contract in place.

Yesterday, he unveiled his ink, which he had gotten done on his middle finger, but many fans claimed that he had just had it done in pen.

In response, Woodley posted a clip of the tattoo being inked by Rubia Cantana which clearly shows the ink is real, but doesn’t show the word “love” being added.

However, veteran tattoo artist Travis Boudreau posted to social media that he believes the tattoo to be faked, saying that some of the evidence doesn’t add up.

“Tattoo artist of 25 years here,” he said in a Facebook post. “Spoiler alert… That’s not a real tattoo. Just like their fight.

“If that was a healed tattoo, all those sharp edges and stuff that goes through the knuckle lines would look very different.

“Fingers , especially the inner part of a finger NEVER heal perfect. If it’s brand new or healing it would have redness or areas of irritation of the skin, especially on the inner finger.

“Someone drew this on with probably just a regular sharpie. “

In response to the tattoo, Paul wrote on social media: “1. Tyron got the wire from the fight 2. Tyron bought a used Bentley 3. Tyron got on a call with his accountant 4. His accountant told him how much he had to pay in taxes 5. Tyron got the tattoo.”

The rematch offer was made in the heat of the moment during their post-fight interviews, but was never initially part of the deal.

Woodley said last week that he would get the tattoo at the weekend, likely understanding that the rematch may be slipping away.

Did Tyron Woodley make a mistake by getting the tattoo? Let us know in the comments section!

“I think the most sensible thing to do is run it back. I think I’m getting this tattoo Saturday by the way,” he said.

“Yeah, I just feel like I should do it because it’s a solid thing to do. Yeah, I’m going to do it on Saturday.”

But Paul has now seemingly moved on from the Woodley match-up, having sold a reported 500,000 pay-per-views domestically despite impressive pre-buys.

He is currently in advanced talks for a December fight with Love Island star Tommy Fury, who is a 7-0 professional boxer.

Paul, whose record currently stands at 4-0, has been going back-and-forth all year with Fury.

And talks intensified after the Brit beat his sparring partner Anthony Taylor on the undercard of his fight with Woodley last month.

Fury is the younger brother of world heavyweight champion Tyson, and is no stranger to the spotlight having appeared on the 2019 season of Love Island.

He made his American debut in Cleveland, Ohio against Taylor, winning a comfortable unanimous decision.

However, he failed to impress in the performance, after promising to knock out the considerably smaller winless boxer within a round.

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