Tremendous Outpouring Of Respect — ‘The Queen’ Who Lived Through Eras And Commanded Ages (1926-2022)

7 Decades. 15 Prime Ministers. 1 Queen. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II — A symbol of “Stability, Power and Elegance.” The world pays respect to her remarkable “Dedication, Decency and Dignity”!

The towering presence in global leadership for more than 7 decades, Queen Elizabeth was a short heighted, woman who commanded leaders and citizens with her assertive yet kind presence. The woman who always loved wearing colors, for Lilibet, this was a means to be seen.

According to her, “I have to be seen to be believed.” From Winston Churchill and Margret Thatcher to Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, Prime Minister’s of U.K. have spent some of the most significant moments of their political career in Queen’s meeting rooms. In her private life, Lilibet witnessed everything — from joy to scandals, all of which were publicised through media at large.

“She has managed to modernize and evolve the monarchy like no other,” her grandson Prince William, said in a 2012 documentary.

A faithful public servant and a passionate monarch, the Queen discharged her duties till her very last time. Two days before taking her final breath, she met the new PM of UK Liz Truss and bid the farewell to former PM Boris Johnson. This concludes 15 prime ministerial appointments by the longest serving monarch of the UK. Ever since the demise of Prince Philip, Queen’s husband who dies last year, she was reported to be suffering from “episodic mobility problems” as per Buckingham Palace.

Listen In : Queen Elizabeth II (1926 – 2022)

n her long reign, she redefined what it meant to be a monarch and navigated a tremendous amount of change within her family, country and world.

It’s officially end of an era for Britain. Queen Elizabeth II passed away in Balmoral Castle, Scotland at the age of 96. Putting an end to the 70 years of reign, Prince Charles is now King Charles III of the England, making Camilla the Queen Consort.

The new king of England, King Charles III quoted —

“The death of my beloved Mother, Her Majesty The Queen, is a moment of the greatest sadness for me and all members of my family.”

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The demise of UK’s towering presence and a significant global leader over 70 decades, has made Charles, the monarch of the country. He is also the new head of state of 14 other commonwealth realms including New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

With Charles Now The King Charles III — Britains New Royal Order

The Royal Family New Order
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King Charles III greets crowds outside Buckingham Palace

“Let us not take ourselves too seriously. None of us has a monopoly on wisdom and we must always be ready to listen and respect other points of view.”

Queen Elizabeth II — Inspirational Quotes

What is Net-worth of Queen Elizabeth II — UK’s Royal Family?

The net worth of the UK’s royal family is estimated to be close to $28 billion, most of which are prime real estate assets spread across the country. Additionally, Queen Elizabeth II had personal assets in excess of $500 million.

Queen Elizabeth Nwetworth
What is Net-worth of Queen Elizabeth II — UK’s Royal Family? Credits: India Today group

“It’s worth remembering that it is often the small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change.”

Queen Elizabeth II — Inspirational Quotes

What follows in the U.K. after Queen Elizabeth II’s death?

Shortly after the news of UK’s longest ruling monarch came out, condolences started pouring in from across the globe. Her remains will be brought back from Scotland to London and will be kept in Westminster Hall for about four days before the final funeral. Following the news of sad event, Buckingham Palace announced seven days of Royal mourning from the day of Queen’s funeral. The flags at all Royal residences will stay half mast during this period.

The Buckingham Palace will fire 96 rounds as the royal gun salute in tribute of each year of life that the Queen lived.

The mayor of Paris announced the shut down of Eiffel Tower’s lights as the mourning of Queen Elizabeth II’s death. The United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council too observed a moment of silence.

She was an exceptional and gifted human being. In good times and bad, she never lost her capacity to smile and laugh, nor to inspire others with her warmth and kindness.I admired and respected her.

Queen Elizabeth II on the death of Princess Diana, in 1997

World Leaders and celebrities react to Queen Elizabeth II’s Death

Laura and I (George Bush) were honored to have known Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She was a woman of great intellect, charm, and wit. Spending time at Buckingham Palace, and having tea with Her Majesty – and her Corgis – is among our fondest memories of the presidency. Queen Elizabeth ably led England through dark moments with her confidence in her people and her vision for a brighter tomorrow. Our world benefitted from her steady resolve, and we are grateful for her decades of service as sovereign. Americans in particular appreciate her strong and steadfast friendship. Laura and I join our fellow citizens in sending our heartfelt condolences to the Royal family and the British people.

Emmanuel Macron tweeted: We all feel an emptiness after queen’s death.

“Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II embodied the British nation’s continuity and unity for over 70 years. I remember her as a friend of France, a kind-hearted queen who has left a lasting impression on her country and her century.”

Rania AI Abdullah said in her tweet:

“With a heavy heart we bid farewell to an icon of selfless dedication and unwavering commitment, a queen who embodied the traits of a faithful and devoted sovereign. The reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will forever be remembered. May her soul rest in eternal peace.”

David Beckham issued a statement in his Instagram handle: “I’m truly saddened by the death of Her Majesty, The Queen. What an outpouring of love and respect we saw for the Platinum Jubilee for her life of service. How devastated we all feel today shows what she has meant to people in this country and around the world. How much she inspired us with her leadership. How she comforted us when times were tough. Until her last days she served her country with dignity and grace. This year she would have known how loved she was. My thoughts and prayers are with our Royal Family”

Dr Naomi Campbell — END OF AN ERA : HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN .. : you gave us a life long service , unparalleled in everyway condolences to the entire Royal family .A wife , a mother , a grandmother and great grandmother A QUEEN . Rest In Peace YOUR MAJESTY 👑🕊🤍🕊👑🙏🏾🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


Queen Elizabeth II Passing Away — Marks The End Of An Era. The World Pauses To Mourn & Honour Her Extraordinary LifeQueen Elizabeth II Passing Away — Marks The End Of An Era. The World Pauses To Mourn & Honour Her Extraordinary Life

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