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Having watched the heroics of England’s footballers at the Euros, Dina Asher-Smith is now ready to inspire the nation at the Olympics.

Team GB have been lifted not just by the Three Lions’ run to the final, but also by the words published on their social media accounts.

Asher-Smith, 25, said: “What Marcus and all the other players have been doing is fantastic.

“It made me so proud to watch them and see how they conducted themselves.

“They did fantastically throughout the Euros and England surpassed all of our expectations in the nicest way. They performed fantastically.

“They’re a credit to our nation and are showing a really good sense of moral leadership.

“As sportspeople we are really proud, and definitely as a Brit, as a black Brit, I was really proud of them during the Euros.

“I thought they represented our nation and our communities incredibly well.

“Definitely social activism is something I’d love to increase. You do have to give back.

“It’s an essential part of being not only an athlete but also somebody who had an opportunity.

“The only reason I am here today is the goodwill and hard work of other people in teams and throughout my community.

“It would be entirely selfish not to give back when you’ve had so many opportunities in your career.

“I’m really proud of how the footballers have done that increasingly through the year and proud of how they conducted themselves at the Euros.”

Elsewhere, Rower Moe Sbihi will become the first Muslim to carry the Union Jack into the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

He said: “It is such an honour to be invited to be the flagbearer for Team GB. It is an iconic moment within the Olympic Movement – people remember those images.

“I certainly remember the images of Andy Murray from Rio and even before I was a rower I remember seeing Sir Matt and Sir Steve, so it is something I am incredibly proud of.

“It is going to be a surreal experience actually going to an Opening Ceremony but this year with the racing schedule it is actually manageable even if I wasn’t a flagbearer. It will be really special and will complete my Olympic puzzle.

“I’ve won a medal, been to the Closing Ceremony but now to actually turn up at an Opening Ceremony and be at the head of the team alongside Hannah it will be a lifetime memory that I will never forget.”

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