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“It wasn’t really what I expected from the start, it started fast from the front.

“I started to panic when I was behind, I could see that any chance of top five was over, I was just trying to secure a top ten finish.

“The last lap I took an elbow to the face, I thought I’d lost the eye, my goggles came off completely.

“I like to think whenever I was going to get an injury I was going to finish the race but my goggles completely fell off and I couldn’t get them.

“I thought my eye had fallen out in the water.

“I was going up to the life guard saying ‘my eye, my eye’ and they weren’t giving me a very decisive opinion.

“I’ve just got a big stitch, that when I get back to the village they’ll stitch up for me.”

I thought my eye had fallen out in the water

Hector PardoeTeam GB

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