‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Rachel Beaver Quits Show After 2 Seasons

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Image Credit: MTV

Rachel Beaver took to Instagram on Aug. 31 and revealed her “mental health is more important than money”, therefore, she has “decided to quit” Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant. The shocking reveal came after a preview for this week’s episode showed her and her co-stars getting into an argument in LA. Rachel was upset that a photo shoot for the show was interfering with her 20th birthday. Kayla Sessler and Kiaya Elliott thought it was more important to prioritize their jobs, and a fight ensued.

As viewers will see in the clip below, as well as in the episode later this evening, the group’s fight first started in a group text chain. Then, when they got together in LA, the fight continued. And now that a large number of fans have seen the preview and text messages (thanks to Kayla sharing them online), Rachel’s been facing a lot of backlash, which has led to her decision to leave the MTV series after two seasons.

“I appreciate the opportunity I have been given. It was fun while it lasted,” Rachel wrote in a statement online. “With that being said, I will be going live more often after this season is over and making a new YouTube channel to vlog my real authentic life. Thank you for all the support I’ve received while doing the show, I’m forever grateful.”

Rachel, who joined the show at the start of Season 2 in October 2019, will finish out the rest of Season 3, which is set to wrap on Sept. 13, 2022. She’s from Madisonville, Tennessee, and she shares one daughter (3-year-old Hazelee) with her on-and-off ex, Drew.

New episodes of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant air Tuesdays at 9pm on MTV.

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