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  • A Multi-trillion Dollar Greenfield Smart City
  • Dholera SIR is a journey from Zero in value to Multi-Trillion Dollar Greenfield Smart City; the biggest success story of India in the last decade
  • Ahmedabad and Dholera will be the twin cities of Gujarat having a common International Airport and connected through Expressway 751


SmartHomes Infrastructure is a leading developer in Dholera SIR and has been presented TIMES awards multiple times for its dedicated work in Dholera SIR & surroundings. Currently the company is developing multiple residential and commercial projects and owns a considerable chunk of Commercial, Residential and Industrial Land Parcels in Dholera SIR and surroundings.
Dholera Greenfield Smart City, a self-sustainable city:
Dholera SIR will be a role model for the next 25 years and will lead the rest of India. Being developed on barren land it has been identified approximately 70 kms (using the new expressway NH 751) far from Ahmedabad, where there is huge scope of development, where no development has ever happened in the past and everything has started from zero.
Dholera is aimed at enhancing industrialization, manufacturing and creating jobs. Dholera has been selected as a Greenfield site for several reasons, such as its large areas of government land and strong transport links. The Smart City brings together eco-friendly elements and highly developed infrastructure, thus blending both sustainable development & the next level of human habitation.
Dholera Smart City is Bigger than Delhi and Mumbai and is conceived like international cities Frankfurt and London. Dholera Smart City is all set to give exponential returns on investment to its investors. At the present moment, Dholera is in the early development phase and the development of Dholera is also happening as per the Master Plan designed.
Dholera SIR is spread across 920 sq km, however, the developable area will be only 420 sq km and rest of the area has been kept for nature and for renewable energy generation, parks, green spaces, tree plantations, water reservoirs, solar parks, etc. Today Frankfurt is one of the best examples of a sustainable city as half of the city is just green. Similarly, Dholera is being conceived which is going to make it the most sustainable smart city on this planet.
Current status of the development:
Currently, multiple activities have been initiated over the last decade for the development of Dholera SIR. 
  1. Activation Area
  2. Expressway from Ahmedabad to Dholera SIR
  3. International Airport
  4. Town Planning Initiative 
  5. ABCD Building 
  6. DSIRDA in Gandhinagar

Following facilities are being developed for this world-class industrial smart city:

  • 5000 MW largest dedicated solar power park for Dholera Smart City.
  • Four-way (Road, Rail, Sea, Air) connectivity for the city with dedicated international Sea & Airport to connect with the rest of the country & world.
  • Self-sustainable model of a city with different land use zones satisfies all requirements of citizens including food, job, recreation, and all modern & smart lifestyle utilities.
  • A real model of a smart city, having smart infra, smart utility, smart technology, smart mobility & smart connectivity.
  • With the mission & vision of 8 lakh skilled jobs, to be created through NextGen industries like Aerospace, Defence, Robotics, EV & Solar power batteries the Special Economic Region is going to generate skilled jobs.
  • Dholera SIR will host 20 lakh global citizens at its peak.
  • Dholera SIR will help to retain top young brains in the country who want the best infrastructure and living atmosphere, hence a big tool to stop Brain-Drain.
  • 1000-acre land allocated to special education zones in any city in India.
  • World’s most efficient Water Treatment Plant with only 5% water loss.
Activation Area and Linear development: Ahmedabad-Dholera Expressway
The activation area is of 22.5 sq km which has been already developed with trunk Infrastructure. It is spread across Town Planning Scheme 2A & 4A. The area has around 72 kms of roads, with road widths varying from 12m to 70m.
Activation area has been developed by L&T and is approximately 5.25% of the total developable area of Dholera SIR. It can cater to a residential population of 1.2 lakhs with an employment of approximately 80,000 persons after completion. 
Linear Development has 11 sub TP’s on both sides of the expressway and now is under development along with the Expressway. Ahmedabad-Dholera Expressway is 109 km Expressway (NH-751) developed by NHAI and is an under-construction four-lane access-controlled road, with a route alignment connecting SP Ring Road near Sarkhej and Dholera SIR via Dholera International Airport at Navagam. Initially, it is designed as a 4-lane expressway and later on, it will be extended to 6 lanes and Metro Trains are also planned parallel.
With the development of Expressway 751, Villages of Dholera Taluka will only be 60 kms away from Ahmedabad and travelling time will be only 40 mins by Expressway from Sarkej of Ahmedabad to Pipli village of Dholera.
Dholera Greenfield smart city as a Multi-Trillion Dollar City:
Already many Greenfield smart cities have been developed globally with new roads and urban expansion happening regularly. It is common for Greenfield cities to be built in countries like Dubai and the United Kingdom, but it is the first time that India has transformed a barren country into a high-tech city and become a livable country. 
SmartHomes Infrastructure estimates that Dholera SIR will be worth a multi-trillion dollar in land value by 2042. The value of land, currently around Rs. 3,500 per square meter in Dholera SIR, is expected to reach Rs 2,00,000 per square meter by 2042, with hundreds of millions of square feet of buildings to be developed in the City Center Zone, Knowledge & IT Zone, High Access Corridors, Residential Zones, and tourism & resort zones of Dholera SIR.
In the next 20 years, the company expects that the land appreciates to today’s rate of land in Ahmedabad which is around Rs. 2 Lakh per sq meter on average and if today’s rate of Ahmedabad Land value is applied to Dholera Smart City’s developable area of 420 square KMS inside SIR and 100 square KMS approx on the border and outside SIR, then the total 520 square KMS will be valued at more than 1 trillion USD and this does not include the value created from development of buildings and infrastructure.

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