Slipknot drummer & co-founder cause of death unknown after he dies at 46


Jordison revealed he was suffering from a neuro-immune disorder while accepting Golden God award in 2016.

“Towards the end of my career in Slipknot, I got really, really sick with a horrible disease called transverse myelitis,” Jordison said.

“I lost my legs. I couldn’t play anymore. It was a form of multiple sclerosis, which I don’t wish on my worst enemy.”

Jordison said he worked to recover from the diagnosis.

“I got myself back up, and I got myself in the gym, and I got myself back in f-cking therapy to fucking beat this sh-t.”

“And if I could do it, you could do it. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, more than f-cking anything.”

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