Scandal Or Instinct: What Shut Down The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The television pioneer, Emmy-award-winning actor, and best-selling author Ellen DeGeneres has carved out her brand popularly known as “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. This American daytime comedy talk show debuted back in the year 2003. As of now, has successfully shot eighteen seasons. Quite recently, the nineteenth season went on air from 12th May. With bagging more than 60 daytime Emmy awards, the show caters to an array of happenings around the world.

The show is inclusive of featuring celebrity interviews, musical performances, fun games, audience interaction in Ellen’s comical imitations, and a lot more similar jovial human-interest activities. Besides, the show also garners eyes and ears for its twelve-day giveaway promotions, where the audience has a chance to win thousands of dollars. To condense, it is a light-hearted chat show with a lot of merriment and money to serve on the platter.

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So, What Went Off?

Reportedly, the 63-year-old host claims that the decision was said to have been several years in the making, way before the official announcement was publicized. She mulled over the wrapping of it after the 19th season, in 2022. When the show would have featured 2400 guest celebrities and hinged the mark of 3000 plus episodes. The actor reported her staff about the same on 11th may and sat down with her long-time pal and daytime show predecessor Oprah Winfrey to hold a discussion. Ellen goes candid with The Hollywood Reporter and talks openly about her decision. She said,

“When you’re a creative person, you constantly need to be challenged — and as great as this show is, and as fun, as it is, it’s just not a challenge anymore,”

Backlash Storms

But was it the reason? Just like every other thing the show has its share of being the recipient of massive backlash unleashed upon it. Despite the beloved host being torchbearer for her friendly and funny public demeanour, the show was accused of bad conduct.

The first such instance included a Dutch Youtuber Nikkie de Jager, popularly known as Nikkie Tutorials. She called out DeGeneres for being “cold and distant” during her guest appearance. And ever since 2020, the show has been called out several times for a varied reason.

In April, a Twitter thread garnered the attention of the masses, with over 2000 tweet replies, each describing their uncomfortable encounter with the host. The same month, the ruckus of payment and working time issue cropped up. The crew also alleged the show for creating a toxic work environment. Owing to these claims, Warner Bros announced that the show parted its ways with three executive producers, namely, Ed Glavin and Kevin Leman, and co-executive producer Jonathan Norman.

The showrunners acknowledged all of this massive fiasco in their new season. The 18th season was set to drop in September 2020. And this is when the matter was addressed. Ellen in her opening monologue issued an apology and stated, “I learned that things happened here that never should have happened. I take that very seriously,” she began. Ellen further adds,

“I know that I’m in a position of privilege and power. And I realized that with that comes responsibility. And I take responsibility for what happens at my show. This is ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’”

We don’t know what was the real reason behind the show being dropped, whether the scandal or her instinct. But what we do know is, there are countless stories of hope and happiness credited to her persona and this show.

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