RHOBH fans think Kyle Richards looks ‘completely different’ in filtered photo

FANS of The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills think that Kyle Richards looks like a “completely different person” in her latest snap.

The reality star took to Instagram to share a photo of herself alongside her co-stars as they headed to Las Vegas together on a private jet.


Fans expressed how “different” Kyle looked in the snapCredit: Instagram/Kyle Richards
Real Housewives viewers didn't recognise the star in the snap


Real Housewives viewers didn’t recognise the star in the snap

Actress Kyle, 52, kept it casual for the flight to Vegas, in blue ripped jeans, white shirt and black sweater, with thick-soled black boots.

Kicking her leg in the air, the socialite looked to be enjoying herself as she smiled wide for the camera amongst her girl friends.

Among them were here RHOBH co-stars Dorit Kemsley, 45, and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, 40, and her assistant Jenn Leipart.

The group posed and snuggled in together in front of a private jet as Kyle wrote of their trip: “Girls trip to Las Vegas.”

While many fans headed to the comments to share love for the snap – others couldn’t help but point out how “different” Kyle looked in the photo.

“I love you Kyle, but that doesn’t look like you,” one fan pointed out, as a second agreed: “This doesn’t look like Kyle…”

A third commented under the snap: “Kyle you are gorgeous! BUT that looks nothing like you! NOTHING. Recognized only Teddy. So strange.”

“This isn’t Kyle,” a fourth simply complained as others discussed in the comments the star’s possible use of “FaceTune” or “photoshop”.

The comments didn’t appear to dampen the spirits of the group, however, who were seen drinking champagne and eating chocolate covered strawberries on the flight.

Kyle has found herself on the bad side of the RHOBH fandom lately, as she was slammed for being “two-faced” in recent episodes.

Bravo viewers slammed the TV personality as “playing both sides” in the nasty Erika Jayne and Sutton Stracke feud.

During Wednesday’s new episode of RHOBH, Erika slammed Sutton for calling her a “liar” amid her legal drama with ex-husband Tom Girardi, 82.

Erika, 50, told Sutton: “You ever call me a liar again, I’m coming for you. Trust me.”

Sutton said in a confessional: “So you’re suing me? You’re coming after me? Am I gonna wake up in the morning with a horse’s head in my bed? What exactly are you saying here?”

Back at the dinner party hosted by Kathy Hilton, Sutton accused Erika of “threatening” her and Erika argued: “I haven’t threatened you. I promised you. I made a promise to you.”

The other women told Erika to “not threaten people,” while Erika accused Kyle, 52, of calling her a “liar.”

Sutton then got up from the table and said she’s “not gonna be threatened”, before storming off as Kyle ran after her to console her.

As the fight played out on screen, Bravo fans rushed to Twitter to slam Kyle for taking both sides of the feud.


One person wrote: “Kyle kills me playing both sides. She wanted Sutton to poke the bear, period. If not, she wouldn’t have thrown her under the bus. She is a pot-stirrer. She’s scared of Erika too. She wanted Sutton to test Erika’s bite because she’s too scared to.”

Another added: “Kyle stirs it up between Sutton and Erika and then wants to be the peacemaker.”

While also criticizing star Lisa Rinna, a third chimed in: “Rinna and Kyle are so full of bulls**t it doesn’t make any sense omfg. I’m already pissed 12 mins into this episode…this recap is going to be something else.”

The backlash continued as another person wrote: “Kyle is a s**t friend to Sutton. Kyle sat there and stirred the pot while riling Erika up and then proceeds to ‘comfort’ Sutton after she was threatened.”

A following fan commented: “Kyle kills me playing both sides. She wanted Sutton to poke the bear, period. If not, she wouldn’t have thrown her under the bus. She is a pot-stirrer. She’s scared of Erika too. She wanted Sutton to test Erika’s bite because she’s too scared to.”

“Sometimes I think, there’s no way Kyle could possibly make me dislike her more than I already do,” another RHOBH viewer wrote.

An additional person tweeted: “Kyle your just as much of a Fraud as Erika only YOUR fraudulent in friendship!!! You have so much to say in interviews or at the meeting yet you back down to Erikas face?! Sutton’s the ONLY authentic person here!!!!”


The latest episode aired after The Sun reported Erika is “furious” with Kyle’s “two-faced friendship” and will “confront her at the reunion.”

During this season of RHOBH, the cameras captured the cast having to unravel the massive embezzlement case Erika is wrapped up in with her husband Tom

Sutton has been vocal about her questions regarding the case both to Erika’s face and without her around. 

However, Kyle has be heard doubting her friend’s “truth” in confessionals and expressing disgust and shock for the situation without Erika around. 

But when Erika was present, Kyle has been much quieter this season, with many fans even insisting she’s been “silent” in order to “throw the others under the bus.”

A source close to the star told The Sun that Erika is not happy seeing how the women were talking about her behind closed doors as the episodes air. 

“Erika’s so upset with her costars watching the show back because they backstab her behind her back,” the insider said. 

They continued: “She’s most furious with Kyle. She feels Kyle was the most two-faced to her and their friendship won’t be the same. 

“Kyle’s tried to check in since but Erika has had enough. They’ll settle their problems at the reunion.”

The insider concluded: “She has a bone to pick with Dorit [Kemsley] too but her focus will be defending herself and calling out Kyle.” 

Fans turned on Kyle for being "two faced" in recent episodes


Fans turned on Kyle for being “two faced” in recent episodes
Viewers felt the star was "playing both sides" of the recent feud


Viewers felt the star was “playing both sides” of the recent feudCredit: Bravo
RHOBH’s Kyle Richards ‘plays both sides’ amid nasty feud between Erika Jayne and Sutton Stracke

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