Mylen Yamamoto Tansingco’s Mission To Bring Asian & Diverse Talent To The World

Its an inspiring story and journey — How digital talent manager pioneer Mylen Yamamoto Tansingco  launched the renowned full-service talent management company CLIQUE-NOW which she founded a decade ago on her foresight that digital and diverse talent is the future of the entertainment industry. Mylen knows the direct power of the digital age and has harnessed the star power of leading Asian creatives and diverse talent, working to fill a much-needed diversity gap in representation.

Mylen’s diverse Talent & CEO list includes: 

  • Steven Lim: Creator of Buzzfeed’s ‘Worth It’

The series has generated upwards of 740 million views

  • Jason Y. Lee: Founder of Jubilee

His viral series’ Middle Ground, Spectrum, & Odd Man Out have garnered over 1 billion views collectively

  • Fung Bros: YouTube sensation and Creators of the A&E show ‘What the Fung?!’

Over 2.17 million subscribers

  • Richie Le: YouTuber, Executive Producer, and Host 

Over 1.13 million subscribers & over 68 million views

  • FashionByAlly: Viral Digital Media Creator 

Over 1 million followers and over 70 million views

When talent began asking for her help building careers

A former University professor, what started in 2009 as a way for Mylen Yamamoto Tansingco to meet YouTube talent to speak to the college classes she taught, soon turned into a burgeoning career as her relationships began to grow and the talent began asking for her help building their careers. It was a time when traditional talent managers were not only turning a blind eye to digital and social media influencers and talent, but mainstream media was only scratching the surface of highlighting Asian and diverse talent.

Mylen Yamamoto Tansingco was one of the first digital managers to put together brand deals and live events for this new talent pool of digital talent creatives and in 2012 formed Clique-Now Management. In 2018, the company opened a production division to include brand strategy and video production to efficiently take a project from start to finish. To date, they have executed hundreds of campaigns for brands and agencies with clients who include Google, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Toyota, and many more. Their mission is to “clique” communities together both in front and behind the scenes to audiences all over the world. 

SpecialGuest launch and When Mylen was featured on SHARK TANK

She has also partnered with entrepreneur Michelle K. Hanabusa (founder of community-based streetwear brand UPRISERS) to launch SpecialGuest, which bridges underrepresented small businesses in Los Angeles with legacy businesses through strategic partnerships. SpecialGuest is dedicated to fostering an ecosystem that cares beyond profits, but also people and the planet. Additionally, Mylen was featured on the hit show SHARK TANK where she pitched and secured a deal with the sharks for her invention Cropsticks, sustainable chopsticks with a built-in rest. Cropsticks are now available in over 500 restaurants nationwide.

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