Money Flows If You Land A Job With Either Musk Or Bezos

There are many multinational companies that offer excessively handsome pay packages. But the offers that these two make will blow your mind.

With the ongoing billionaire battle between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, speculations and statistics about comparing every aspect of their business are at an all-time high. As per the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, on May 1st, 2021, Musk is ranked second with $182 billion, and Bezos has regained the world’s richest title at $202 billion. 

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The latest comparison is the numbers between both their companies. With Bezos spending more of his time on his other interests like the spaceflight startup Blue Origin and SpaceX moving further, the battle seems to continue to Space and back. And while technologists lean towards SpaceX and Tesla, a comparison between the entry-level pay for software engineers is worth exploring.

How do we know who pays what?

Generally, compensation data for such comparisons is comes through crowdsources. While there are few pros and cons in considering data samples from such sources, the numbers seem similar to what companies like Glassdoor estimate. Tesla is the current market leader in the electric vehicle space for pay scale. But the growing customer shift towards EV indicates fierce competition in the coming days. Similar is the momentum of money in the spaceflight space where Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin and Elon Musk’s SpaceX offer dream salaries to the world’s brightest minds. But a quick and direct comparison online can give a good understanding of the salary information of beginner employees or software engineers in these firms.

The Pay Difference – Musk as boss or Bezos?

The market leaders seem to have divided the compensation part for entry-level software engineers. SpaceX offers a salary of $109,750 with a stock option of $60,250 and no bonus to its L1 employees. Tesla offers a salary of $128,700 with stock options of $28,100 and a $500 bonus to its P2 employees. Cruise, however, offers a $152,000 salary with a $29,250 stock option and a $35,500 bonus. This totals to $170,000, $157,300, and $216,750 respectively.

SpaceX offers an entry salary of $109,750 with a stock option of $60,250 and no bonus while Tesla offers $128,700 with $28,100 in stock options and a $500 bonus.

While Elon Musk pays the entry-level software engineers relatively well, it is not as good as a few others in the market. Apple and Tesla seem to have the same pattern where they increase the stock options amount based on the seniority level of the employees. It means as and when your seniority grows, so does your overall compensation along with stock options.

On the other hand, there is not much data available for Blue Origin. However, Payscale website suggests that software engineers at Blue Origin earn around $119,054 on average and the pay ranges from $85,000 to $162,000.

How do you get in?

While this is just the pay scale part of companies like Tesla and SpaceX, it is vital to know that the interview process to get hired into these companies is also fairly rigorous. In a talk with the World Government Summit, Musk himself mentioned that one of the most common questions would be, “Tell me about some of the most difficult problems you worked on and how you solved them.” He also mentioned that if someone has solved some problems, then they would know all the little details about how they resolved those issues.  Suppose Musk himself said what to expect during the interview process. In that case, you can expect similar questions, whether it is a hiring manager or Elon Musk himself on the interview panel.

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Jeff Bezos’s Amazon is a brisk employer known to keep employees on their toes. The company prefers to mentor its employees from a young age. Amazon runs a Future Engineer program to this end.

There isn’t much data available to draw about Bezos Space company Blue Origin. Nonetheless, Going by the hiring techniques that Amazon uses, it would not be a surprise that Blue Origin will also have a complex hiring process of interviews filled with similar tricky questions. As for how Jeff Bezos hires, this old video from 1998 will give you an interesting insight into his expectations from potential employees.

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While the interview process for these high payers seems to be complex, it is evident that they seek high talent for their job roles and pay equally well.

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