Married at First Sight SHOCK as Morag & Bob spark boozy romance rumours

The perfect partner?

NEWLY single Marilyse Corrigan only split from Franky Spencer three weeks ago but it seems she already has her eye on another Married At First Sight UK star.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the blushing mum-of-two admitted Luke Dawson, 36, would be her “perfect partner” – and revealed she has early morning video calls with Bob Voysey, 26.

When quizzed about a future romance, Marilyse joked: “Should I get with Luke? I think I might eat him for breakfast.”

She went on: “I’ll say it, I do really like Luke, I think he’s a lovely guy and he has the potential to be the perfect partner for me.

“We have a very close friendship, we speak most days and I think he’s really cool and amazing.

“I kind of clicked with him at the first dinner party – we’re both the same age, we’re both reserved, laidback and not out there.

“I don’t know if us being paired would work because we are so similar but it also could probably work because we are so similar.

“I’ve only ever looked at Luke in a friendly way so I don’t know if it could become romantic – but then again, I don’t know what the future holds.”

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