Live updates as Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp outage knocks $50bn off value

Epic Outage

Another spoof ad offered Facebook’s domain name up for sale at $8 billion with the words “inquiry now and Facebook could be yours”.

Doug Madory, director of internet analysis for Kentik Inc, a network monitoring and intelligence company, said: “This is epic.

“The last major internet outage, which knocked many of the world’s top websites offline in June, lasted less than an hour.┬áThe stricken content-delivery company in that case, Fastly, blamed it on a software bug triggered by a customer who changed a setting.”

Regarding the internal failures, Instagram head Adam Mosseri tweeted that it “feels like a snow day”.

But the impact was far worse for many of Facebook’s nearly three billion users, showing just how much the world has come to rely on the service.

A lot of users rely on the site to run businesses, connect with communities of affinity, log on to multiple other websites – and even to order food.

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