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Why did the ‘King of Chavs’ wife leave him?

Michael Carroll has reportedly remarried his estranged wife Sandra.

The self-styled ‘King of Chavs’ was 19 when he scooped £9,736,131 on the National Lottery in November 2002.

Part-time binman Michael Carroll, who was wearing an electronic tag when he bought his winning ticket, splashed out on a £340,000 on a six-bedroom home in Norfolk. Not content with the swish property, he lavished £400,000 on a series of upgrades including a swimming pool and a car track in the garden.

Michael also spent around £1million on shares in his beloved Rangers FC and £49,000 on a BMW. Carroll’s wife, Sandra, left him just a month after their wedding in 2003 after being appalled by his incessant partying, accusing him of cheating on her with sex workers.

She took £1.4million in a settlement – but once she was gone, Michael really dialled up the hedonism with what he called “Roman-style orgies” at his mansion while spending £2,000 on cocaine in a single day.

“I only started to think about three things – drugs, sex and gold,” he said. “The dealer who introduced me to crack has more of my lotto money than I do.”

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