Kim Kardashian’s Advice To Pete Davidson On Filming Season 2 Of ‘The Kardashians’ Revealed

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Kim Kardashian‘s hot and heavy romance with boyfriend Pete Davidson, 28, is set to unfold in the upcoming season 2 of The Kardashians. And although the hilarious former SNL star is a pro when it comes to filming for TV, HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned that he had a “difficult” time adjusting to this type of TV. According to sources close to the 41-year-old SKIMS founder, however, Kim was able to turn it all around with some words of wisdom from someone who has mastered the art of filming a reality television show — herself!

“Doing ‘The Kardashians’ was different for Pete because he is not playing a character,” one source told us. “He found it difficult in the beginning because he isn’t always funny all the time. Pete has a very serious side to him and this is not what his fans know of generally. He was just not sure if this is what would fly for the show since he thought that they were all counting on him to be the comedian that he is.”

Apparently, this is not what they were expecting of him, after all. “Kim told him that he doesn’t have to be funny all the time. That is not why she loves him,” the source told us. “Kim reassured him that he will be fine and just to pretend that the cameras are not there. She knows that Pete is a genuine and kind person and that, no matter what, audiences would be able to see this as well.”

As HollywoodLife previously reported, Pete was on the fence about filming with Kim, as he didn’t want their relationship to be affected by living their life in front of cameras. And although Kim did not push him into filming, a second source told us that she was delighted that he ultimately decided to join her family’s show. “Kim loves that Pete wanted to be on the show with her and she’s so proud of how cute and funny he is,” the source said. “He’s been super easygoing about whatever Kim wants to share about their relationship on the show, even their Facetime calls and messages are fair game.”

So what other advice did Kim give Pete prior to filming for season 2, which premieres on September 22 on Hulu? “The only advice she really gave him was to just have fun and be himself,” the source said. “Other than that, she just let it happen naturally. The sweetest part about it is that Pete doing the show because he wants to be as much a part of Kim’s world as he can, it’s definitely strengthened their bond.”

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