If Solo Trip Is Your MOJO — Here’s The Best Hookup Destinations Of The World

‘Solo Trip And Best Hookup Destinations’ around the world — perfect for scoring Travel Flings and some great skillfully seductive fun!

You think you’re “too young to be tied down” and believe that shopping in Paris or reading Jane Austen in England is no longer considered cool!? Let me assure — you’re not alone! Hookups or Solo Trips are driving an unprecedented shift in the rationale that drives millennials into traveling. But, brushing aside this fact, there are innumerable pages propounding all kinds of places ‘only for couples‘, thereby becoming blatantly neglectful of those who are yet to meet their match or who aren’t particularly interested in pairing off at all.

For a change, this page is dedicated to solo travelers who are seeking out excitement, looking to make friends and indulge in some guilty pleasure around the world; perhaps leaving some broken hearts on faraway islands.

DKODING | If Solo Trip Is Your MOJO — Here’s Steamy And Best Hookup Destinations Of The World

If a solo trip is your mojo, cram this list of steamy and best hookup destinations across the globe, waiting for your next overseas linkup.

1. Ibiza: Paradise for an All-Nighter

DKODING | Ibiza | Top Solo Trip Destinations for Instant Hookups | Image Credit

Ibiza is notoriously famous for being one of the top solo trip destinations around the world. It is home to some of the world’s biggest nightclubs such as Amnesia, Pacha, etc. The long, balmy Spanish nights seem to last forever; making it one of the best summer vacation spots for singles; from where you’re expected to return home with something more than just a tan. Ibiza is also famed as one of the best countries for a bachelor party for its illustrious all-night clubbing, making it an ideal site for hookups.

Ibiza is the most voguish place for ‘Sex on the Beach’. Voilà, Vengaboys seemed to have known it all!

2. Mykonos: Ibiza of Greece

DKODING | Mykonos | Top Solo Trip Destinations for Instant Hookups

Mykonos is a Greek island that oozes sexuality from its every pore and is one of the favourites for single travel plans. The island got famous at first for being a gay destination but has morphed into a party island where you can find some of the beautiful girls in the world vacationing. Its beaches, such as Paradise and Super Paradise, blaring thumping music well past dawn, are infamous for its hookup stories.

Greek islands have also been the most popular place for Threesomes, where tourists decide to just ménage à trois.

3. Bulgaria: Wild Splendor of Europe

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DKODING | Bulgaria | Top Solo Trip Destinations for Instant Hookups

If trips for singles are being planned, you’re likely to hear Bulgaria’s name. Many tourists rave about the after-dark options in Bulgaria because there are immense choices at prices that are cheaper than those in many other major European countries. Bulgaria is celebrated as one of the best places for a solo trip because a lot of boozehounds brag of sleeping with a bartender or with a vacation rep here.

Bulgaria is where people get lucky with the staff! If you’re looking for a summer job, you know where to apply!!

4. Croatia: Party Capital for ‘Cavemen’

DKODING | Croatia | Top Solo Trip Destinations for Instant Hookups | Image Credit

One of the recent entrants to the solo travel packages is Croatia. This newly discovered destination is nowadays on every solo travel bucket list and is well worth all the hype and hullabaloo. Its best-kept secret, Makarska Riviera boasts of the best Croatia nightlife with parties that never end and fun that never stops. This hidden party-haven in a natural cave, overlooking the sea, is one of the best nightclubs for solo travel where you can easily score a travel fling and hit the bull’s eye with ‘your dart’.

Makarska Riviera is inside a natural cave, called Rave Cave! Rave Cave is the best Nightclub for solo trips to Croatia!

5. Costa Rica: Hub of Adult-Only Areas

If you are a solo traveler and like swinging and surfing; the adult-only resort at Jaco Beach, called Copacabana Hotel & Suites, is for you. This is one of the best exotic resorts in the world. It might be more popular amongst couples, but these are couples of an open-minded caliber – which means hookups are firmly on their agenda. You can stroll around in the resort’s ‘clothing optional’ areas, and if that’s not enough, add in nude jacuzzis to ensure you’re in for one hell of a solo trip.

Costa Rica: Hub of Adult-Only Areas solo trip and best hookup destinations of the world
DKODING | Costa Rica: Hub of Adult-Only Areas

Bikinis and Swimsuits fall to the sand in Costa Rica! Sunglasses start steaming up at these nude beaches!!

It can be liberating and stress-free to get involved with someone without expectations; without worrying about where the relationship is going; or without fearing an emotional impact on your partner for having an intimate relationship.

Hookups can also serve as great ego boost. It feels good to be able to have someone wanting to hookup with you solely based on your looks, charm, and the skills you have that night.

Having said that, it’s time you psych up to embrace this avant-garde culture of kinky hookups.

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