I was banned from my son’s school because of my low-cut top – I know I’m pretty

A WOMAN claims she was banned from attending a meeting at her son’s school due to her cut-top. 

Glamorous Isabel Castro, from Colombia, who has 140,000 followers on Instagram, said she headed to the event with husband Cristian Caviedes.


Isabel Castro claims she was banned from a school event as this top was too lowCredit: Isabel Castro/Instagram
Isabel said staff slammed her for the 'inappropriate' garment


Isabel said staff slammed her for the ‘inappropriate’ garmentCredit: El Tiempo

On her Instagram, she revealed the offending white top, which had a sweetheart neckline, and showed how she’d paired it with some ripped jeans.

Isabel said that the school meeting had been called to inform parents about their coronavirus policy. 

However, she wasn’t permitted to attend, as staff criticised her for the amount of cleavage on show.

According to the Daily Star, Isabel said: “I left home and looking at myself in the mirror thought I was well-dressed.



“I was wearing jeans and a blouse which is quite low-cut but far from vulgar.

“I feel discriminated against because nobody has the right to point at, judge or criticise another person.”

She added that she thinks the reaction by the school was too “extreme” and she felt she was “well-dressed” and has “always felt pretty.”

Isabel added that just because she has kids doesn’t mean she has to walk around fully covered up.

The mum said she thinks the reaction by the school was too 'extreme'


The mum said she thinks the reaction by the school was too ‘extreme’Credit: Isabel Castro/Instagram

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