How To Trade Better Than A Trading Bot

Everyone wants to try their hand at trading, and how could they not when all of the world is constantly talking about the trades they have executed and profited from? People are bound to be curious and see what all this buzz is about.

So, if you’re new to the trading world, I’m going to show you how to trade way better than a trading bot. After reading this article, you’ll be the best trader the world has ever seen, so make sure to keep reading and take notes!

DKODING What Are Trading Bots? | Image Credit: CANVA

What Are Trading Bots?

Automated trading bots for cryptocurrencies are referred to as crypto trading bots. They are essentially computer programmes that are run in order to achieve predetermined outcomes in trading.

You can start utilising trading bots with predefined rules immediately after going to a crypto bot trading site and starting to use trading bots, but you can also configure them to fit your trading needs specifically. For instance, you can alter the settings of a bot so that it purchases a particular cryptocurrency at a particular time or price, and the specifics of how you trade cryptocurrencies can determine the settings you use.

Crypto trading bots automate cryptocurrency trading. They’re computer programmes that achieve specified trading outcomes.

Trading platforms for crypto bots sometimes include backtesting services, which enable traders to evaluate trading strategies in a simulated environment before actually putting them into practice. When you go into a deal like this with this knowledge, the risk that you take on is greatly reduced.

Since the bots do not have feelings, they just carry out the instructions given to them and cannot alter their behaviour, which protects you from financial loss. Due to the fact that they do not call for any advanced level of technical expertise to operate, they have been an increasingly popular option for trading in recent years.

Trading platforms for crypto bots may include backtesting, which lets traders evaluate trading tactics in a virtual environment. Realizing this reduces risk.

The elimination of human feelings from the trading decision-making process is yet another key function that crypto trading bots do. No matter how much expertise you have, it is possible to let your emotions get the best of you and make blunders in the market that could end up costing you a significant amount of money.

If you still think that leaving your trades up to a robot is best for you, then you can have a look at the top 10 trading robots and choose one that suits you! Really and truly, leaving it up to a bot will result in less work for you, but if you want the satisfaction of saying ‘I can trade better than a bot’, I suggest you keep on reading!

Trading Like A Pro


Don’t Over Complicate Things

Many people have the misconception that trading is this hard and difficult thing that requires months of advanced preparation and expertise. When in reality, it really isn’t that hard. Think of this like learning a new skill: you start by learning the basics and building up on the knowledge as time passes. 

Don’t go to the extreme end and buy every book on the market to learn how to trade like a pro. Remember, just because you over complicate things, doesn’t mean the outcome will be any better.

How To Trade Better Than A Trading Bot
DKODING Trading Like A Pro | Image Credit: CANVA


Have A Trading Plan

Every trader, regardless of the type of trade they engage in, needs to have a clear idea of what it is they want to get out of the trades. 

Don’t stress out over the strategy; the important thing is to make sure you have one. A trading strategy not only assists traders in maintaining their focus but also provides them with a method to evaluate their performance and gain insight into which trading techniques are profitable and which are not.


Reading Charts Doesn’t Require Any Special Skills

Charts offer a graphical depiction of the activity that is taking place in the marketplaces that traders are participating in. Even though there are a lot of different patterns that technical analysts look for when they are analysing charts, the most important thing for traders to remember is to stick to the fundamental laws. Traders are interested in the price action at any given point in time, and charts simply provide a graphical representation of this information.

How To Trade Better Than A Trading Bot
DKODING How To Trade Better Than A Trading Bot | Image Credit: CANVA

Charts show market activity for traders. Technical experts seek for many patterns while analysing charts, but traders should adhere to the basics. Charts show traders the price action at any particular time.


Assess Your Risk And Reward

When you trade, your goal should be to make more money than you lose over the course of a week, a month, or an entire year. This can be accomplished by placing a large number of deals. One misconception about trading is the idea that in order to make money at it, you have to win every deal you make. 

This is just not the case; you can be wrong about numerous deals as long as you make more money off of the trades that are successful than you do off of the trades that are unsuccessful.

Therefore in order to become profitable, you will need to lose less money on deals that are unsuccessful than you make on trading that are successful.


Know When To Withdraw Profits

Those who have been in the game long enough are aware that the most critical step in the trading process occurs after the trade has been executed. Most traders fail to recognise how important it is to know when to get out of a trade. 

As a result, they place the blame for unsatisfactory results on their entries and work to improve how precisely they enter trades. However, the ability to recognise when it is appropriate to exit a trade is what ultimately determines how profitable a trader you will be.


Don’t Listen To Marketing Gurus

You will meet people who claim to be experts in the markets, that they know what will happen before it even happens, and that they have all the knowledge needed to make the perfect trade. 

Don’t listen to them. Half of the time they’re actually scammers living in their parent’s basement looking to make money off inexperienced traders. Other times, they do have the knowledge, but it only fits their lifestyle and limits, not yours.

Stick to trades that you know are good for you and rely on your instincts, not what others think.

In A Nutshell:

Learning how to trade isn’t this scary experience that takes days to master. Sure, doing some research and learning the ropes is a good way to start, but don’t put additional pressure on yourself for nothing.

You will learn the more you trade and read, so take the journey one day at a time and before you know it, you’ll be better than a bot!

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