How To Keep Your Feet Summer Ready?

It’s almost time to spread your wings and soak in the sunshine!

After the freezing cold, it’s time to keep those warm boots back in the storage and grab your flip-flops. But after all those months of daunting cold, are you sure your feet are summer-ready? We give little to no attention to our feet during winters since they are mostly hidden under socks and slippers. It’s time to take care of them and here’s DKODING these six easy-to-follow summer feet care tips!

6 Tips to Take Care of Your Feet During Summers


Comfort Over Style

Although strappy sandals, flip-flops, and flats are some of the most comfortable summer footwears to exist, they don’t give the necessary arch support that you need. But that doesn’t mean you must wear uncomfortable tennis shoes to beaches.

All you have to do is shop for the ones that feel comfortable. Straps and flip-flops are comfortable, but they leave uncomfortable blisters on your feet. Moreover, flat and non-arched footwear cause stress fractures, tendonitis, heel pain, and hammer toe. So, it’s always wise to go for supportive sandals that can keep your feet protective while also adding the style quotient.


Compression Socks for the Win

Many people think compression socks cause too much sweat and aren’t ideal for the summer months. While this concern is understandable, you should be aware that summer is one of the most important seasons to wear compression socks, not just any but copper compression socks!

There are so many practical benefits of copper compression socks. From being antimicrobial and keeping the viruses away to being anti-inflammatory and promoting healthy, firmer, and softer skin, they are the perfect way to boost your blood flow and fight swelling.


Deal with the Hard Skin

Cracked and hard skin can form around the heels during summer because of flip-flops and open-backed sandals rubbing against your heels.

To eliminate this problem, soak your feet in warm water and exfoliate the dry patches. Towel dry it. Use an emery board, a foot file, or a pumice stone on the rough spots. Once you are done, apply a rich, creamy lotion that absorbs into your feet and gives you softer and healthier skin.


Moisturized Toes Are the Way to Go

Open-back sandals causes dry and cracked heels. To prevent this from happening, apply plenty of moisturizers. Moreover, your feet are a lot tougher compared to other body parts. So, it needs more care than the rest of our bodies.

Treat it with a cream that’s meant specifically for the feet. Look for foot creams containing urea, which is the best ingredient to treat dry and cracked skin. Moisturize your feet before going to bed. Wear socks so that the benefit of the cream is contained and it doesn’t make a mess on the bed.


Sun Care for Those Toes Out Days

Generally, our skin is always our priority when we get out in the sun. Sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen never leave our minds. But what we tend to forget is our feet!

Talking about sun damage, everyone should realize that every part of our body is vulnerable to it – be it our wrist or toes. Seek shade whenever possible, and don’t forget to slap a generous amount of sunscreen on your feet because they are as prone to sunburn as your face or hands.

6 Tips to Take Care of Your Feet During Summers | Image Credit: CANVA


Time to Pedi-Care

Getting summer-ready is incomplete without a luxurious pedicure! Who doesn’t love a new set of freshly-painted toes during the summer? After all, this is the season to experiment with those bright nail colors! But even nail salons come with potential hazards.

The tools used during pedicure are often a host to a million germs and bacteria. While salons take extreme precautions in sterilizing their equipment, the summer traffic increases the chances of infection at a high rate.

If you’re a pedicure lover but cannot imagine accidentally inviting germs, you can consider sterilizing nail tools at home and taking them with you. Or you can opt for an at-home pedicure!

Bottom Line

As the hotter months approach, feet are the last thing we think about. While we majorly focus on making our face and hands look as pretty and summer-ready as possible, the toes and feet are neglected the most. Try to follow these expert six tips and keep your feet summer sexy!

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