How to get Snapchat WORKING again after millions left unable to log on


Snapchat has Dark Mode available for iPhone users.

First, go into your profile – click the icon in the top-left.

Next, choose Settings, which uses a small cogwheel as its icon.

You’ll then need to scroll right down to the bottom of the My Account section.

There you’ll find a panel that says App Appearance – tap it.

From there, you have three options.

You can tap Always Light, which means Snapchat will permanently feature a light theme.

You can also choose Always Dark, which kickstarts a persistent Dark Mode.

The other option is Match System, which will keep Snapchat in check with your iPhone system settings.

So if you have system-wide Dark Mode activated in your iPhone, Snapchat will match it.

And if you turn that setting off for your iPhone, Snapchat will follow suit.

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