Green-tech start-up Oizom gets selected in the Accenture Sustainability Value Accelerator programme

AHMEDABAD, India, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —  Accenture, specializing in IT Solutions & consultancy services, helps companies across a broad range of industries including automotive, financial services, energy, and consumer goods to build sustainability into the core of their business. Accenture with CIIE has launched the Accenture Sustainability Value Accelerator Programme(ASVAP), for which it chose 10 sustainability Green-tech start-ups in the first quarterly financial year of 2022.

The programme focused on startups that can expedite the broader goals of working towards sustainable value chains, net-zero transitions, sustainable technologies, and measurements & analytics.

Amongst a fierce competition between 80 companies, Oizom was successful in securing its spot among the selected. Oizom, headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, was established in 2015. It offers data-driven environmental solutions for better decision-making. Using its sensor-based hardware, Oizom monitors various environmental parameters related to air quality, noise, odour, and weather.

Ankit Vyas, CEO at Oizom, stated, “Accenture’s role in this programme was to identify and empower such existing companies that align with the Sustainable Development Goals towards cleantech and renewable energy. Oizom fits very well into such brackets, as we identify, diagnose and provide ideal air quality monitoring solutions to industries, authorities and communities.”

Accenture Sustainability Value Accelerator Programme has chosen 9 other Green-tech start-ups. Along with Oizom, these companies will be provided with seed funding and support towards business opportunities across the globe. This will also include support in identifying the best opportunities and elevating business models with risk assessment. The focus here is to support Green-tech startups from India who can help solve sustainability challenges faced by organisations across the world.

Jainam Mehta, CBO at Oizom, stated, “One of the major problems we witness with air quality monitoring in industrial and non-industrial areas is the accuracy of the data. This is where Oizom aims to solve the problem by providing highly scalable and accurate data. Oizom’s products empower various governmental and private bodies with data to better sustainable decision-making.”

Oizom’s monitors have to date empowered several smart cities, smart campuses,  industries, mining sites, wastewater treatment plants, and airports. With the push provided by Accenture, Oizom’s products will be able to empower industries across the world towards sustainable decision-making.

Oizom’s flagship products include Polludrone, Odosense, Dustroid, Weathercom, AQBot, and Envizom.

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