Free Money Transfer

Free Money Transfer | Sending Money to Bangladesh with Ria: A Simple and Convenient Solution

free money transfer

Sending free money transfer to loved ones in Bangladesh has never been easier thanks to the Ria app. With its user-friendly interface and secure platform, Ria makes it simple and convenient to transfer funds from anywhere in the world.

To get started, simply download the Ria app from your preferred app store and create an account. Once you’ve logged in, you can initiate a transfer by selecting Bangladesh as the destination country and entering the amount you wish to send. To get your first free money transfer use the promo code RIAUK115.

Next, choose your preferred payment method – options include debit or credit card – and enter your recipient’s information. You can also select how you would like your recipient to receive the funds – either through bank deposit or cash pickup or mobile wallet using Ria app throughout Bangladesh.

Once you’ve completed these steps and confirmed your transaction details, simply hit “send” and your money will be on its way! You’ll receive confirmation of your transfer via email or text message, and you can track its progress through the app.

With competitive exchange rates and low fees, Ria is an affordable option for sending a free money transfer to Bangladesh. And with its commitment to security and customer service, you can rest assured that your funds will arrive safely and quickly.

So why wait? Download the Ria app today and start sending free money transfer using promo code RIAUK115 to Bangladesh with ease!