Fans spot ‘disrespectful’ moment Love Islander LAUGHED at Millie’s misery

LOVE Island fans have been left furious after they spotted Hugo laughing about Millie being left brokenhearted by Liam.

During their time in Casa Amor, Liam got close to new girl Lillie and the lads all egged him on – despite knowing Millie was waiting for him at home.


Love Island fans spotted an Islander laughing over Millie and Liam’s kissCredit: Eroteme
Hugo previously spoke out against women being treated badly


Hugo previously spoke out against women being treated badlyCredit: Eroteme

After he snogged Lillie he went to chat to the boys about it and Hugo was seen laughing at the situation.

Viewers were not impressed with his reaction – especially as he previously slammed Toby for cruelly dumping Chloe.

Discussing their outrage, one person ranted on Reddit: “I’m surprised that no one’s talking about Hugo laughing whilst the boys discussed Liam straying behind Millie’s back while in Casa Amor, compared to when he put on his cape when the Toby/Chloe situation happened.”

Another viewer added: “Hugo is so wayward when it comes to his morals I’ve realised which is fine whatever but I don’t know who he thinks to think he is any better than Toby now.

“Him being so outspoken and defending Chloe against Toby publicly almost borderline humiliating Toby, it’s so hypocritical of him to now just stand back and watch the boys be debaucherous. (sic)”

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Others, however, defended Hugo, with one person saying: “Tbf hugo was the only one who kinda called Liam out on his bs albeit in a jokey manner. But he’s also less invested in defending Millie as he doesn’t like her like he did with Chloe.”

Last night’s episode saw Liam beg Millie to take him back after the extent of his romance with Lillie in Casa Amor was revealed.

The 21-year-old Welshman found himself in trouble after the two female contestants met for a tense discussion in which Lillie detailed Liam’s behaviour while he was away from the main villa.

The pair had shared a brief romance in rival villa Casa Amor, kissing and sharing a bed, but Liam still decided to stay partnered up with Millie, who was devastated when she found out what he had been up to.

Love Island broke overnight viewing records again – highest viewing figures last night peaked at 3.1m as viewers tuned in to watch the fallout from Casa Amor

Millie was gutted when she found out what Liam had been up to


Millie was gutted when she found out what Liam had been up toCredit: Eroteme

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Millie dumps Liam after Lillie’s Casa Amor revelations on Love Island

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