Dog the Bounty Hunter says Laundrie ‘looks guilty by running’ as search goes on


The 68-year-old told The Sun through tears that Gabby’s father lost his daughter and that “she was the same age as Barbara Katy” who Dog lost in a tragic car accident at 23-years-old. 

“Dog, Dog, Dog the ‘D’ is in the sky,” Dog said, as he grew more emotional.  

He said the pull to jump into the search was just too much. 

“Then we came down here and I said to Francie ‘Honey, it’s eight hours away. Honey, I need it so bad. My skin is crawling, I’m getting goose bumps. I’m having those dreams FREEZE I GOT YOU BOY! I’m having those kinds of dreams Francie.” 

Despite being on his honeymoon he decided that he had to join in and Francie agreed, telling Dog: ‘Well honey, lets go get that boy.” 

“So three or four days we were going and we were full of mosquitoes and gnats we see snakes and alligators,” and Francie told him that this was no longer a honeymoon.  

Dog said that he promised Francie that once Brian is caught- they will continue on their honeymoon.

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