Denise Richards Reveals If Her 3 Daughters Plan To Pursue An Acting Career Like Their Parents

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Denise Richards has been in the movie industry since the ’90s, making waves as Bond girl Christmas Jones, grabbing everyones attention in Wild Things and continues to do just that with every role she takes, including her latest film, Love Accidentally. While she’s maintained an incredible career, the star has also balanced that with raising her three gorgeous daughters — Sami, 18; Lola, 17; and Eloise, 11. While speaking to HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview, Denise revealed if any of her girls would follow in her footsteps and pursue an acting career.

Denise Richards & her three daughters: Sami, Lola and Eloise. (

“I think I want them to do what they want to do,” she said of Sami, Lola and Eloise’s future careers. “I’m never going to say, ‘Oh, you want to be an actor…maybe go look into something else,’ because I would not have wanted my parents to say that to me. So, if any of our children want to pursue something in acting or performing or whatever, I would support them.”

The RHOBH star added that one of her girls “prefers being on the other side of the camera and is interested in directing and photography, while another daughter is interested in acting.” While she didn’t specify which of her three caught the acting bug, her daughter Sami, 18, does seem to be made for the big screen as she’s models on her social media and new OnlyFans account!

In her latest film role, Denise plays the boss of characters Alexa (Brenda Song) and Jason (Aaron O’Connell), who are competing for the same promotion. “They have a bit of a love/hate relationship and a competitiveness with one another,” she explained. “They accidentally text each other, unknowingly, and what I love about the story is that they’re able to really form a relationship over text, without any preconceived idea of who they are, and without any judgment. It’s just truly, them going back and forth, virtually. I think it’s a wonderful story.”

When it comes to her thriving 30-plus year acting career, Denise took a moment to share her gratitude for the success she’s found within the industry. “I don’t know what the secret is, but I have to say that I am so beyond grateful that I have had the career that I’ve had and that I continue to work. I really, truly am very humbled by that,” she told HL. “My advice to anyone is just to continue following your passion and your dreams. You’re going to get a lot of ‘No’s, and that’s okay.”

Denise explained that when she was “starting out, and even now” she would “get rejected all the time,” adding, “it’s hard to read negative stuff on social media, but just block out the noise.” “For all the rejections, I got the one job that said ‘Yes,’ and that just makes it so worth it. So, I think it’s truly someone’s passion, just continue following your passion and your dreams,” she advised.

Denise’s new movie Love Accidentally premieres on Amazon Freevee on July 15th. Be sure to tune in!

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