Conor McGregor sparring footage has fans concerned about UFC star’s future

The legendary former UFC champion has shared some of his pre-fight sparring footage from the infamous Dustin Poirier trilogy bout recently, and fans weren’t impressed with certain parts

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Conor McGregor’s sparring footage from ahead of his trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier has concerned fans for his future.

The Irishman won’t fight again this year after suffering a brutal leg break in the bout against his long-time rival Poirier at the end of the first round.

And after posting some footage of his sparring for the bout, McGregor’s fans expressed their worries about certain things that he was doing during training.

The Irishman quoted Biggie Smalls’ song ‘Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems’ in the caption of the footage, saying “Me lose my touch? Never that.

“If I did ain’t no problem to get the gat. Where the true players at?”

And while the Irishman did look good, and caught his sparring partner at times with some vintage speedy left hands, ultimately his supporters were concerned with his output.

Conor McGregor’s sparring footage has concerned fans

“Either he’s extremely exhausted in this video or he’s lost more skill than I had thought,” one commenter wrote. “Hopefully the first.”

Another noted that he had picked up a bad habit of moving forward with his hands outstretched and pawing, saying that it caused him issues in his two losses to Poirier.

“This stuff has gotten him in trouble in both fights with Dustin,” the commenter remarked. “It’s a dumb habit.

“Who is just going to allow you to duck forward and grab both their hands without attacking you?”

McGregor’s octagon return will have to wait until 2022, after he suffered a severe injury during the trilogy that required immediate surgery.

He is currently recovering in Los Angeles, and has been training intensively with his upper body and his other leg, and has even been spotted without a cast just weeks after the horror leg break.

McGregor has recently hit out at his UFC rivals for a lack of support after UFC legend Anderson Silva sent him advice after his horror broken leg injury.

Legendary fighter Silva, who faces Tito Ortiz next weekend in a bizarre boxing contest, suffered a similar injury in his world title rematch with Chris Weidman in 2013, and Weidman then picked one up against Uriah Hall earlier this year.

“Your mind, you need to stay ready and connect to your heart to make you more powerful, to continue challenging yourself and prove how much you love your job and how much you can continue to do this,” Silva said on Submission Radio.

“When you have the same Anderson, the same [Chris] Weidman, the same Conor. Mentally it’s very important.”

In response to Silva’s message, McGregor lashed out at his fellow UFC fighters for their minimal support during his period of rehabilitation.

“I appreciate this message greatly Anderson, thank you,” McGregor said in a social media post.

“You know, since this freak injury happened to me, I’ve had very little support from my fellow colleagues.

“In fact quite the exact opposite. The claws came out. But no worries! I love a little scratch from a b****.

“See yous when I get ya’s you’s little nobodies!”

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