Casualty spoilers: Stevie left LIVID after life-changing discovery about Jade – and now she’s out for revenge

STEVIE Nash is left LIVID after a she finds out a life-changing discovery about Jade Lovall this week in Casualty.

The consultant – played by Elinor Lawless in the medical soap – made her first appearance on the BBC medical drama earlier this month.


Casualty’s Stevie Nash wants revenge after finding out the shocking truth about Jade Lovall’s involvement in the crash her sister was involved inCredit: BBC
Jade lets slip some details that expose the truth of the accident


Jade lets slip some details that expose the truth of the accidentCredit: BBC

The show’s dramatic 35th anniversary episode included a horrific lorry crash which dramatically killed off one character.

A younger nurse Jade was involved in the car crash.

When the victim was brought into a hospital, a new character was introduced onto the ward.

As viewers will know, the newbie was in fact Stevie, and ever since she has clashed with Jade.

This week the consultant strikes up an interesting conversation with Jade that opens up a huge can of worms.

She asks Jade why she picked the career path she is on, and Jade explains that it was because of a previous car accident that she had been involved in.

At first Stevie is amazed at how thoughtful and heroic her actions were as she tried to save a woman.

She finally realised that it was in fact Jade who saved her sister’s life during the tragic event.

However her happiness doesn’t last long as Jade tells her what really happened the day of the accident and now Stevie wants revenge…

Meanwhile Jacob Masters and Tina Mollett’s relationship issues continue to escalate.

The clinical nurse thinks that Tina should invest in anger management classes after she becomes irate while trying to make wedding plans.

Best pal Iain Dean walks in on Jacob reading a leaflet about some potential classes Tina could try, but pretends he didn’t see anything.

Later on he becomes suspicious when he sees that Tina has a bruise on her head – and thinks that it was Jacob who did it.

Will Jacob come clean to Iain?

Watch the next episode of Casualty on Saturday (September 4) at 9.30pm on BBC One

Will Jacob come clean about his partner's issues?


Will Jacob come clean about his partner’s issues?Credit: BBC
Will Tina say yes to anger management classes?


Will Tina say yes to anger management classes?Credit: BBC
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