Bollywood Casino-Themed Movies

Bollywood is catching up with the topics and concepts that are used in Hollywood movies, and broadening its reach in order to attract and entertain a bigger audience…

Viewers have always loved gambling-themed films. There are a number of Hollywood films about professional gamblers who excel in casinos by sitting at the table. Bollywood is slowly adopting this kind of cinema as well. Casinos and gambling aren’t all that they offer; they also provide a different level of entertainment that goes beyond the central theme of casinos and gambling. Now is the time for you to catch up on these Bollywood gambling-themed movies, and we’re bringing you the list at your fingertips.

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Teen Patti

It was released in 2010 and starred Amitabh Bachchan, Ben Kingsley, and Shraddha Kapoor in its lead roles. There is a perfect blend of acting skills and entertainment in this movie. Venkat, the main character of the story, learns to gamble, and his biggest wish is to hit a big jackpot in a casino one day. A famous mathematician, by the name of Percy, helps him in his hunt for money, and together he and the mathematician win a great deal of money in a top-class casino in London.

Teen Patti | Amitabh Bachan | Shraddha Kapoor | Ajay Devgan

As a result of testing out their probability hypothesis in practice, they found that it was a complete success. To test his theory, Venkat invites three pupils to a Teen Patti game, and only afterward does he take on professional gambling players with real money.



“Gambler” is a 1971 Hindi film about a lazy cop, inspector Daya Shankar Pandey, who plays the main character. The task that he is assigned will have a profound effect on his life from the ground up. After uncovering a racket involving gambling and drug smugglers, the smugglers want to punish him as retaliation for ruining their business. In the end, inspector Pandey ends up quitting his job and becomes a professional gambler. As a result, he manages to win a lot of money and becomes a very successful gambler, but he had to pay a high price to become one.

Super Hit Bollywood Movie | Video Credit: Cinecurry Classics



Due to the fact that the Striker movie is based on a real-life event, it holds a special place in the hearts of Indians. It premiered on the big screen in 2010. This story revolves around the immature boy Surya, who struggles with life in the Indian suburbs. In spite of this, he won the Carrom game title when he was 12 years old, changing the course of his life forever. Since discovering he was accomplished in the game, Surya has become a wonder.

Initially, Surya’s talent for carrom caught the eye of the betting brotherhood, but as he grew greedier, he ended up in the bad company.


The Great Gambler

The Great Gambler movie is considered one of the best gambling-themed movies ever made in Bollywood. The character of Jai, portrayed by Amitabh Bachhan, is a professional gambler who has never lost a single game in his life. As a result, gangs want to use him to trick people into playing casino games and gambling. Jai agrees to this, but he doesn’t know what will happen to him in the future. Apart from Jai’s gambling problems, the movie also portrays what Jai is going through in life.



In Jannat, there are themes of casinos, betting, and a lot of essentials of a romantic drama. Featuring Emraan Hashmi in the lead role, the movie premiered in 2008 and is based on the story of Arjun Dixit, a young and successful gambler. By staking day and night he is able to amass a fortune on justice staking. Arjun is so steadfast to stake that he hasn’t enough time for his mate Zoya, despite the fact that he wishes to make him and Zoya rich. Eventually, he gets deeply involved in the business, but it has a disastrous impact on his relationship and his life. At some point, Arjun gets involved with the betting mafia, and that is when things start to get complicated.

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