Bachelorette Becca shocks contestants with arrival & teases romance with Karl


Since the first episode of the season, Mari, 25, and Kenny, 40, have had a close bond while only dating each other. 

However, Mari admitted she wanted to “say yes” to a date with another man if she was asked but maintained she still wanted to explore things with Kenny. 

A disappointed Kenny – who previously shocked fans with a completely NUDE photo shoot – told the brunette beauty that she “can’t have things both ways” and the conversation ended on an “awkward” note. 

Mari went to confide in her friend Demi about the situation and the blonde bombshell assured her gal pal that she did the right thing in wanting to explore other options. 

Immediately after their conversation, Demi is seen pulling Kenny aside as the pair lounge together on an oceanside bed. 

As Mari is in eyesight of the two, Demi and Kenny begin to have a passionate make-out session including heavy lip biting. 

The two continue to kiss for several minutes as Mari breaks down in tears over what she had just witnessed – even expressing she might have “regretted” their discussion earlier. 

Demi confessed that she “doesn’t care what Mari thinks” and added that “all is fair in love and war.”

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