6 Rookie Home Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Planning a home remodel can be stressful. From picking the project to selecting the finishing touches or the furniture and even hiring the right contractors or designers for that matter. More than knowing what you should do, you should also know about what you should ‘not’ do.

The common mistakes that most homeowners tend to fall trap to. If you know that well enough, you can work well on the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your house. Here’s DKODING six most common or rookie mistakes during home renovation that we must avoid.

DKODING 6 Rookie Home Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid | Image Courtesy: CANVA


Not Having a Clear Vision

This is perhaps the most important aspect that comes before all. Before you dive into the project, you must know what you want your home to look like. What space you want to renovate, how you want to go about it, whether it is just the flooring or the entire house on the whole. Having this clarity helps while planning and sourcing raw materials for the project. If you are confused, you can connect with any of the professionals who will assist you in the same.


Forgetting To Budget

The next most important thing is to fix a budget. If done otherwise, you might end up spending a huge amount and still not get what you desired. Depending on how far you can go financially, you can allocate the funds for each aspect of home renovation – be it bedroom, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms or even just a wall or floor tiling. Knowing your budget is of utmost priority.


Neglecting the Plan

Once you have set the plan, it is expected that you stick to it. Sometimes, deviating from the plan can get fruitful but it can also go otherwise. Therefore, do not completely abandon your plan, instead you can sit and discuss with your interior designer or architect if you feel you are not happy with something.


Prioritizing Design Over Function

While design is a critical aspect, do not make that the centre point of the project. Functionality is something that you need to focus on. Because beyond a point you would want your space to be more utilitarian and where maintenance costs are pretty less. For instance, for bathroom floor tiles, choosing anti-slip tiles can be better because of old people or kid’s safety rather than some good looking glossy finish tile. 

Bathroom floor tiles, choosing anti-slip tiles can be better because of old people or kid’s safety | Image Courtesy: CANVA


Rushing the Design Process

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so do not try to renovate your home in a day as well. Give it time. It’s tough to hit the brakes when you’re excited about an upcoming project, like creating an open floor plan or updating your master suite but you’ll probably regret it if you don’t take your time. The design process takes a long time for it to be perfect which includes taking precise measurements and considering the overall functionality of the space.


Choosing Cheap Materials

Choosing the right materials for your renovation could make a huge difference. Addwall designs, pattern like tiles, wallpapers, etc. To keep the budget, try not to compromise on the quality of the materials as it will be the foundation of everything else. Invest in good quality tiles so that they are more long lasting and do not need much maintenance.

Now, that you know the common rookie mistakes when it comes to home renovation projects. When those are at bay, you can focus more on the better and functional things that make your space more utilitarian and aesthetically appealing.

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